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In this final ROUND we help you pitch your idea to the investors.

We have 5-5-5 fundraising model. You raise $50K min. from friends and family. We help you raise $500K from angels and $5M in Series A.

We understand what you trying to do with your venture and we hope you now have some basic idea what role Indus Venture can play in this project of yours.

It is crucial that you set aside a minimum $50K for the fundraising efforts, whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. It also include travel and lodging in case investors like to meet with you in person and they usually do.

What ROUND THREE includes?

Once you sign an agreement and wire part of the fee, we start pitching your idea to the investors we know personally across the globe. We provide detail report with investors pass, follow, or accept results. If they pass (meaning decline) we ask them the reason and include that in our weekly report.

You can use our services to continue pitching to the investors into 2nd month. Once you get funded, we charge rest of the fee