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Aamir Ahsan Khan
Decades of proven experience in project management, due-diligence, initiation, reorientation, restructuring, industrial operational and budgetary compliance. A wide breadth of knowledge and experience in systematic modernization of petrochemical power plants, cement and shipping companies. Recently performed forensic technical audit of Creek Marina, Karachi, Pakistan – A project of Meinhardt, Singapore.

Post Graduate Diploma
Pakistan Institute of Management Science, 2019.

Planning: Expertise in project planning and execution

Industry: Experience in oil, gas, and petrochemical, construction, operation, and TRA.

Performance: Developing SOPs and monitoring to achieve KPI and KRIs.

Marketing: Use of a sizable social media following for business development.

Finance: Keeping engineering budget according to company requirements.

Interpersonal skills: Group collaboration, leadership communication, management, and decision-making skills. Developing cordial relationships between engineering staff and management. Expertise in building Field Management Teams.

Creative thinking: Managed projects with resourcefulness for optimal and sustainable outcomes – keeping in mind the limitation of personal capabilities.

Operations: Maintenance and workshop management of power plants and heavy machinery installation.

Compliance: Feasibility restructuring, supplier relations, regulatory communication and approvals, industrial certification, quality audit compliance with API & ASME codes.


Engineering competency, energy conservation, preventive maintenance, self-monitoring, environmental protection, fire and disaster control, occupational safety and health, anti money laundering and fraud detection. International Human Rights Commission nominated as “Ambassador for Pakistan” in 2011