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Mohmmed Kessani
Mohammed Kessani is a motivated individual with an ability to deliver at the highest level of his capabilities. His strength lies in developing and presenting information in a clear and concise manner. He is extremely results-oriented and proactive in finding cost-effective solutions to company-wide problems. He has developed market strategies and knows how to communicate value of any product to its target audience.

He is a team player who is equally capable of taking bold initiatives to make some of the toughest decisions. He has developed effective communication skills, yet he always strives to learn new. He is a hardworking, well-organized customer focused individual who is not afraid to face business challenges in mission critical moments.

His current role of Managing Partner at Indus Venture, allowed him to work alongside its founder as a liaising between potential partners and investors.

Within first month of his fundraising campaign, he made significant progress by quickly engaging and winning potential clients from London to California and back to Malaysia. He has good command of his presentations as he effortlessly explains company s operations, long term plans and its goals.

He has also worked in various industry sectors that gave him an edge over handling variety of challenges as he prepares himself for bigger future challenges. Prior to Indus venture he worked in engineering sector of the manufacturing and production, which gave him extensive knowledge of CAD/ CAM operations and designing blueprints for building of complex architectural nature. One of the most vital aspects of this sector was operating CNC machines and their maintenance.

He gained international working experience in financial market of Malaysia in 2016, where he played a specific and targeted role. In his role as financial executive that involved building portfolios and databases for clients, he dealt with investments and tracked stock markets - mainly NASDAQ and DAX.

He frequently volunteered as a teacher and mentor for people of all ages and classes. He often organises activities and sessions while advising youths in their career paths that they feel passionate about - that brings the community together and most importantly builds relationships between families and friends.